Z. I. Predda Niedda Nord Strada 31, Sassari

Z.I. Macchiareddu loc. Grogastu, II strada est-Assemini (CA)


079 261968



Chimica Sarda manufactures and distribuites a multitude of industrial chemicals for general and specific applications.
Our industrial chemicals range is used across every conceivable market sector including:

- water treatment;

- agrochemical;

- detergents;

- animal husbandry;

- industrial laundries;

- tanneries and much more.

We offer an high-end service to our clients.


Chemicals logistic

We offer tailored logistic solutions thanks to our qualified and experienced ADR DRIVERS, able to ensure your dangerous goods are handled professionally and efficiently, regardless of their origin.


Industrial Treatment

We plan and manage complex chemical cleaning. Our chemical cleaning technologies remove residual oils, corrosion and improve the performance of the equipment. In particular we carry out:

- Acid cleaning water side and alkaline cleaning fume side of steam generator;

- Cleaning fume side of refinery furnaces also with on-stream system;

- Acid cleaning of process equipment (exchangers, columns, receivers, vessels etc) both on water side and process side;

- Internal cleaning with organic solvents of various equipment;

- Surface passivation against damage caused by polythionic acids;

- Chemical cleaning and degassing of tanks containing chemical products and hydrocarbons;

- Degreasing and pickling of lines and equipment;

- Furnace tube foam cleaning;

- Tank cleaning;

- In house engineering of chemical cleaning circuits;

- Vessel/Tower/Piping cleaning for commissioning/maintenance cleaning;

- Descaling of commercial boilers.


Waste management

We provides a series of essential services for the disposal of liquid waste and pumpable sludge, reclamation of industrial waste from: industries, crafts, trade, remediation of polluted sites, reclamation of tanks, road traffic waste, groundwater reclamation.

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