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Waste management2


Waste Management


Chimica Sarda Srl provides a series of essential services for the disposal of liquid waste and pumpable sludge, reclamation of industrial waste from: industries, crafts, trade, remediation of polluted sites, reclamation of tanks, road traffic waste, groundwater reclamation.

Our team of experts provide a GLOBAL SERVICE over waste management process:

Specialists services:

A team of DGSAs (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors) is available to assist in the classification, segregation, packing and labelling waste. Transport is carried out by dedicated collection vehicles under national waste collection permits and ADR licensed drivers. Chimica Sarda provides the right combination of technical expertise, regulatory compliance and cost efficiency to meet the exact needs of the customer.

All Statutory documentation is provided: waste transfers form, Hazardous waste labels in compliance with ADR/IMDG regulations, certificates of Recovery and/or Disposal.


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